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Start time: 6:00 AM UTC April 09, 2022
End time: 10:00 PM UTC June 20, 2022
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Plant Empires - This is what a REAL GameFi Project is!

Plant Empires was brought on stage with a mission of bringing a revolutionary metaverse of games that provides long-lasting enjoyable experience into the Blockchain gaming trend.

Every Anti-Inflation mechanism doesn’t work? - This is how we solve it!

In Plant Empires, $PEFI is minted only in the first time when IDO happens. This means, there’s no more chance for $PEFI to be born. Each month, we will use 60% of the revenue to buy back token $PEFI to save for the reward pool to make sure the price of the token to grow better.

👉 Target Audience - Not just only Blockchain users but also traditional gamers

In Plant Empires, the game is not a tool to earn money. We balance between gameplay and finance to help Blockchain users remember that they are still PLAYING GAME & earn money at the same time. Besides, we are confident to target traditional gamers and have a strong believe in the potential of growing a huge revenue (from In-app purchases and In-app Advertisement) from this target audience.

🔧 Consignment system - No worries about NFTs Inflation!

We have a consignment system where Blockchain users can consign their NFT Plants & Items they have no need to use or want to increase their income from selling these. These NFTs will be transferred to Non-NFTs and sold to traditional gamers who are willing to pay a lot of money just for fun!

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